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Auditory Skills

Good auditory skills enable children to distinguish between different pitches, volumes, rhythms and sources of sounds and words, which has amongst others, significant benefits for learning reading.

Auditory perception includes:

  • auditory closure - the ability to complete indistinct or inaudible words to create a clear auditory image
  •  auditory conceptualising - the ability to interpret and form a clear impression of a sound or combination of sounds
  •  auditory discrimination - the ability to interpret information relating to the differences between sounds, which facilitates understanding spoken words and spelling skills
  •  auditory localization - the ability to determine the source of a sound using only the sense of hearing
  •  auditory memory - the ability to store and later recall the impression perceived by the ears
  •  auditory sequential memory - the ability to store a series of information in the order it was heard and later recall it, to facilitate following instructions and memorisation of rhymes, songs etc.